I fight because every tax paying citizen should have equal rights.


I fight because I hope to be my best friend’s ‘maid-of-honor’ one day.

I fight for moments like this.

I’ve seen it said that gay people and their allies are too stubborn, that they should settle for something else like “civil unions”.  It’s been said that the path to Marriage is too difficult and would upset too many people.  The easier route should just be taken. Continue reading

I fight for those who are afraid.

I fight because…

I fight because (a) I’ve never been happier than with my partner of 10 years, hoping to make it a lifetime; (b) I spent almost 37 years in the closet before I told my family and friends I’d found the man that I love more than anything or anyone on the planet, 10 years ago; Continue reading

I fight because I know the injustice of being told you ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’ because of who I am.

I fight because we need all the positive energy and love and intelligence we all have in us to make this world a beautiful place for all. I fight because because to not fight injustice and inequality is not an option.

I fight, I pray, because for 60 years I have risen each morning to hear all media, books, mags, tv, news, internet, blogs, radio – everywhere you read and hear and look, I encounter someone calling me a fag

saying I don’t deserve to live, that we are scum; every second of every minute of every hour of every day of the week, month, years, decades, every day I wake up to radio, internet, tv, news, movies, I wake up to hate and hear how I am a fag and that 2 men who love each other should be put to death; it’s okay for women to be lesbians because it fits the hetero-facist paradigm (straight guys dig chicks kissing – their “acceptable” form of homosexuality). Continue reading