I fight for a better tomorrow.

Since I chose to start this blog, I think it is important that I share my reasons for fighting/ believing in LGBT equality. While such a task may at first seem pretty straightforward, I have found that putting words to my thoughts is easier said than done. So I guess the best way for me to do this is to break it down.

After my first year of college, I started to really think about my place in world and what type of life I wanted to live. I decided to try to sit down and come up with some basic principles that I felt were important to living not only a good life, but a meaningful one as well. I started pretty simple:

1. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

This was one of the earliest lessons I could really remember learning in school. It was simple and straightforward and I really couldn’t think of any exceptions to the rule. However, as I stepped back and looked at the world I was living in, there were a lot of people being treated in ways that I would never want to be treated, especially the LGBT community. While the Golden rule laid the foundation for most of my outlook on the world, I hadn’t yet found a reason or a rule to fight for those who were being treated unjustly. So I kept thinking…

2. We are responsible for the history we create.

Adopting this rule was the true beginning of my activism. Since I had decided to live my life by the golden rule, and I felt that the LGBT community was being treated unjustly, by not fighting for equality, I was in some way responsible for the injustices taking place. In other words, being complacent toward these injustices made me culpable for those injustices.

3. A person should act so long as the burdens of that action do not outweigh the benefits of that action.

This final rule was crucial for me fighting for LGBT equality. As a straight ally, the burden or consequence of speaking out and taking action could never outweigh the importance of taking a stand. Everyday LGBT youth are struggling to survive in hostile environments. Lives are at stake. The well-being of an entire demographic relies on people speaking out. People often don’t realize how far a simple gesture can go. LGBT equality is not about politics, it’s about people. And if we look back 50 years from now on this moment, I am confident that fighting for LGBT equality is not only important to the well-being of this country, it is imperative.

What side of history will you be on?

Together in the fight,

Hudson Taylor


One response to “I fight for a better tomorrow.

  1. I’m glad you started this blog. Your passion for equality is truling inspiring. Many straight men who support gay equality choose to be publicly silent on the matter, so hopefully with the strength you’ve shown, more of us will stand up and do what’s right.

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