I fight because my children stood up.

I fight because — after I taught my growing children about equality and fairness and standing up for what is good and right — my children stood up.  As straight-but-not-narrow teenagers, they went to California with their church group to protest Prop 8.  And when they came back, they came to talk to the adults in the congregation, and said (and I paraphrase), “We are standing up. But we need you to stand up even taller, because you have even louder voices than we do – you have votes.You need to stand up to bigotry because your generation needs to hear from their peers.  You need to pledge to take a stand whereever and whenever you see intolerance.”  They asked us to pledge it to them, in writing.  And we did.
When I saw that my school district, of which I am a board member, had no policies protecting GLBTQ students from harrassment, I had to stand up.  To show my kids I meant it when I taught them to stand up, I meant it when I signed their pledge, and I mean it every day.   It took a year and change, and a lot of pushback, but I got that policy changed.  We added two small words to the harrassment policy – “sexual orientation.”  It’s not enough, but it’s a start.  And there’s no stopping a mom who wants to make the world a better place for her children.

One response to “I fight because my children stood up.

  1. I did the same for 8 years as a board member in the 90s. Several of us got the Superintendent “educated” and we redid archaic language in board policies. But it was easy. All 5 board members agreed.

    When the high school principal was being interviewed by the board for the job, she only had one “flaw”. Very liberal, but I think she said she did not see much need for a GSA in a high school in our progressive community because she had no idea where we stood. She was hired with assurances from the Superintendent that he would explain district policy. It worked out well.

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