I fight for my daughter.

I fight for many reasons but the one that is closest to my heart is my daughter. She was taken from me by my ex-partner. We planned our daughter together. I was there when she was conceived. I was there when she was born, the first to hold her, rock her and to sing her first song, read her first story. I made the mistake of trusting my partner and the life we had made together. I never legally adopted our daughter. I never imagined it would be a necessity. When my relationship fell apart, after 12 years – 6-1/2 of that being a parent – my former partner took my child away from me. That should never happen to any child, any parent. I fought it for years and finally won in the Washington State Supreme Court. But the damage was done. I urge all parents to be proactive. Legally adopt your non-biological children. Save yourself a lifetime of heartache. Learn from my mistakes.


One response to “I fight for my daughter.

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