I fight for those who have not yet found their voice.

I fight to raise awareness that one’s sexuality is most often not a choice, certainly not a mental disorder, and never a sin. One’s sexuality can be a characteristic that may or may not define who one is; our society should celebrate, appreciate, understand and support one’s sexuality just as any other admirable trait. One’s sexuality can be a lifestyle that contributes to the diversity of this world; can lead to the beginning of a love story that changes this world; can be personal and private, or loud and proud, contributing to one’s cherished persona; can be the force to alter the world’s way of negative and discriminative thinking. Sexuality, whether one be lesbian, gay, bisexual, straight, curious, flexible, whatever…is beautiful, natural, and a freedom that no one should have the right to limit.

There are good people in this world that have been raised to believe, by their religion, by conservative parents, by leaders of their community, etc., that homosexuality is wrong. I have never been so appalled when I attended Catholic mass with my grandparents, two of the most caring, understanding, compassionate and fairly liberal people I have ever met. They have never turned down a request for help, and have often provided it to those in need without being prompted. When the priest began to describe homosexuality as “corrupting religion and the sanctity of marriage,” he pressured all the members of the parish to sign a card petitioning their vote against gay marriage. My grandmother handed me a card, and I handed her a question: “Mom-mom; what if I were gay?” “Don’t be silly Megan.” “No, Mom-mom…what if I were bisexual?” My grandfather put down the card. “What about Uncle Mike and Mike? Do you think they should be prevented from marrying each other?” “Not in a church.” “Why
not? Does God not love gay people?” “Megan.” “Does God not love me?” “You’re not gay!” “You don’t know that.” She paused. Put down the card. I had the urge to leave, to run up to the microphone and discuss those questions with every single forgetful member of that parish. If every family had a member who would only remind them that the people THEY are deciding for are PEOPLE too…we’d be much further along in this fight.

I am not entirely sure how my grandparents, or even other members of my family, will react when they view my new short film “Nude.” It very much discusses the issue of bisexuality, or perhaps solely lesbianism (depending on how you view it), when one half of an engaged couple is simply not sexually attracted to the man she loves. She is only able to open up sexually to her fiance when she has an encounter with a woman beforehand. I play that woman. I wrote the script, I put all of my hard earned money into it, and I decided, this is what I wanted to show at film festivals. I sincerely hope this film makes people think, and remember, that sexuality is NEVER something that should be concealed, ignored, or smothered within oneself. There is no reason to be anyone else, because YOU are meant for greatness in your own way. I fight for those who have not yet found their voice; I fight to raise awareness; I fight for the rights of my family members and friends, who’s voices seem to be
continually ignored. And somewhere inside, I know I fight for myself.


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