I fight for equality, because as an American citizen I should be endowed with the same freedoms that the rest of my straight family, friends, co-workers, schoolmates, in-laws all have without question.

I fight because I have been fighting for equality since the age of 17, when I first came out, to this day many years later. I fight because I want to be alive to witness equality for anyone of any gender, all races, ethnicity, and economic and sero-status. I fight because I want to hold our government accountable to the dictum that our forefathers put forth, and has yet to be realized by every American citizen, the intention for all to the right to enjoy liberty, happiness, and freedom. Thank you Hudson, for your alliance, we need more people like you and those that have join this group, to stand up and march with us, and not just offer the lip service, but actually understand, feel, and experience what oppression of any kind is like.


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