I fight, I pray, because for 60 years I have risen each morning to hear all media, books, mags, tv, news, internet, blogs, radio – everywhere you read and hear and look, I encounter someone calling me a fag

saying I don’t deserve to live, that we are scum; every second of every minute of every hour of every day of the week, month, years, decades, every day I wake up to radio, internet, tv, news, movies, I wake up to hate and hear how I am a fag and that 2 men who love each other should be put to death; it’s okay for women to be lesbians because it fits the hetero-facist paradigm (straight guys dig chicks kissing – their “acceptable” form of homosexuality).  So it is with a weary heart and mind and an utterly destroyed life of constant harrassment and hiding, where there is no hope of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness – how can there be with a monkey on your back?!! The harrassment through the media, friends, family, co-workers that constantly disapproves and incites others to hunt me down and harm me – where is my constitutional right to live free from bullies???!!! (When someone advocates through their words to incite violence on others, that’s where their freedom of speech crosses the line, and ends).  So I put one foot in front of the other in the hopes of outlasting the hate and some day being accepted and never having to hear the hate and hypocrisy again. Scientist have categorized 1500 animal species to date in researching homosexuality in Nature and the animal kingdom. So far, all 1500 species researched not only have homosexuality pervasive in the species but in many species homosexuality dominates sexual exchange between its members.. But because all religions, a bible, says 2 men shall not lie together as with a woman – as it is an abomination (it’s okay for 2 women to, bible says nothing of women together) – I am condemned to the false accusation that my orientation is not “natural” when infact it is totally naturally found in the natural world. When will it be accepted as natural in the human realm? The bible lists many abominations; women having sex before marriage, masterbation, mixing linen and cotton clothes and wearing them together, touching the skin of a pig, eating shellfish, getting divorced and many more listed abominations  in the bible so where are the hate movements for the other abominations?!! This is the hypocrisy Jesus hated. A man drooling over pictures of 2 women having sex is considered a healthy hetero.  I fight to create love and to end the hate and hypocrisy, through example, through, peace and prayer and love yet I am a sinner to be put to death.   I am so grateful for every heterosexual who empathizes with those of us who have to hurt every moment of our lives because we are treated every moment of the day as outcasts. We have to be SO STRONG to not kill ourselves, does it get better? When? Today I found this website, thanks  man. I love you.  Someday I pray I too will be allowed life, liberty, and the uninhibited pursuit of happiness, my inalienable right as a gay man, as a natural human being to be accepted and respected. Thank you for being a brother to the gay community – God is watching us, love each other, and he is pleased 😉  PS- you’re only one man but you give so many of us so much hope. thank you.


One response to “I fight, I pray, because for 60 years I have risen each morning to hear all media, books, mags, tv, news, internet, blogs, radio – everywhere you read and hear and look, I encounter someone calling me a fag

  1. It is amazing that those toxic mantras meant to demonize our Tribe still can be distracting as we walk the tight rope of life. We don’t have to search too far for road and stumbling blocks on the journey to Equality. Being an Elder, 60 years old and out since college, I will say the chorus has increased in that our allies have stopped hesitating to respond to the noise meant to divide us. Realizing that if you shake every family tree hard enough a few LGBT Folks will fall out which gives a face to what was once considered something to hide.
    In my quest for balance and harmony I learned that often challenges are blessings in disguise . I also learned that a Gem needs friction/polish to make it shine.
    I am inspired by reading all these entries.


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