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I fight for equality, because as an American citizen I should be endowed with the same freedoms that the rest of my straight family, friends, co-workers, schoolmates, in-laws all have without question.

I fight because I have been fighting for equality since the age of 17, when I first came out, to this day many years later. I fight because I want to be alive to witness equality for anyone of any gender, all races, ethnicity, and economic and sero-status. Continue reading


I fight because people need to know that not everyone stands alone when they know others are willing to stand next to them when the world is watching!

I Fight For Moments Like These

I’ve already posted an essay with my views and philosophies concerning intolerance and equal rights but I recently had an intense and tangible experience with LGBT intolerance. Continue reading

I fight so hopefully, my children won’t have to.

I fight because I don’t understand homophobia and LGBT intolerance.

Why do I fight?
I fight because I don’t understand. I don’t understand true
homophobia and LGBT intolerance. Continue reading

I fight because I believe everyone has the right to exist as they were made.

I fight because i believe everyone on this earth has the right to exist as they were made and if the way they were made is different from someone else it should not be a point of contention it should be something that is embraced.

I fight because I want to live in a better world.

I’ll admit that I’ve had to think about the answer to this question for a while. It didn’t immediately come to mind because the reason I fight for full LGBT equality has changed over the years. Continue reading