I fight so that I can tell the girl I love that I love her, out loud, in public-without having to be afraid of what other people have to say or think.


I fight because I’m too stubborn to sit at the back of the bus.

To quietly accept 2nd class status in society tacitly empowers prejudice.  Standing up for yourself feels better. By being unapologetic myself, my straight friends understand that we’re all on the same footing. Continue reading

I fight because, this is my country & I have never felt that discriminating against LGBT IS OK. I am openly gay & feel better with my self.

I fight because I believe that every living being deserves to love and be loved.

I fight for those who are afraid to be the people they were born to be.

I fight for those who are afraid to be the people they were born to be. I understand your struggle. But, it’s alright. You are NOT alone in this. Hold on to your selves, and let go.

I am a gay african american who has played sports all my life

I am a gay  african american  who has played sports all my life and excelled in football basketball and track but stay in the closet for 50 years afraid of what others would say and /or do. It takes courage to be who you are and demand to be treated equally. It is long over due that we as  people  realize that it is the diversity  in each other that promotes growth and love

I fight to remind people that there are still those who desire change for the better, and will see that change through to the end.